Speaking / Interviews

Over the course of his career, Alan has spoken at dozens of national and international conferences and events on topics related to his expertise in climate policy, finance, and development. His presentations include audiences of academics, lawyers, climate negotiators, development finance officials, and environmental advocates in the United States and multiple foreign countries, including meetings of the G20, G7, and World Bank.

A few selected recordings are below.

How to Fact-Check Climate Reporting — TYT’s The Conversation

August 2, 2022

Climate Risks to Pension Funds — the Maryland Experience

February 2021

Climate Science Basics

An introduction to climate change suitable for general audiences
February 2021

Climate Change and Impact Assessment Symposium

Strategic Implications of Climate Change for Institutional Investors

Role of Law in the field of Climate Change

Connect4Climate Digital Media Zone​, at the World Bank, 7 December 2016

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