Alan’s most recent work is a book with Durwood Zaelke and Stephen O. Andersen, Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now!, published by Changemakers Books.

The authors describe the urgent need to reduce several climate pollutants including methane and HFCs (widely used as refrigerants) with short atmospheric lifetimes (unlike carbon dioxide). Slowing the rate of warming is critical to avoid feed backs and tipping points, irreversible and potentially catastrophic changes in climate. Because of their short atmospheric lifetimes, these super pollutants can be reduced much more quickly — a “climate sprint” — to complement the more widely understood “marathon”, the more gradual reduction in CO2 emissions from burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. This marathon will require several decades to slow the rate of warming as reducing CO2 will also cut sulfates, pollutants which fall out of the atmosphere relatively quickly but offset some warming. The authors outline the actions needed and describe how this can be accomplished with the necessary speed based on lessons from the successful Montreal Protocol, the international agreement to protect the ozone layer.

Listen to the interview: Is there still time to avoid climate disaster?

“What should the Biden Administration’s first steps be to give the climate emergency the attention it deserves? A timely new book by three top climate experts, Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now!, lays out an absolutely essential part of initial climate action in the United States and other countries. They target a set of greenhouse gases that have two qualities: a huge potential for warming the earth and a short life in the atmosphere. Curbing emissions of these gases leads to an early slowing of the warming, a big payoff. Climate policymakers need to read this book, now.”

James Gustave Speth, former chair, US Council on Environmental Quality

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Environmental Law textbook cover

Environmental Regulation: Law, Science, and Policy (9th Edition; Aspen Publishing, 2021)

Robert V. Percival, Christopher H. Schroeder, Alan S. Miller, James P. Leape

ISBN: 9781543826166

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Fluorcarbon Regulation: An International Comparison cover

Fluorocarbon Regulation: An International Comparison (1980, Lexington Books)

Alan S. Miller, Thomas Stoel and Breck Milroy

ISBN-10: ‎ 0669033936
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0669033939


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