Journal Articles

ELI and the Greatest Treaty Ever, Environmental Forum, May/June 2021; Stephen O. Andersen - ELI (former), David Doniger - ELI (former), Alan S. Miller - ELI (former), Durwood Zaelke - ELI (former) (copy available on request)

Faulting Another Climate Change Contrarian, Environmental Forum, January/February 2021 (copy available on request)

Integrity at Risk, with Stacy Swann, Environmental Forum, January/February 2020 (copy available on request)

An Essential Strategy, The Environmental Forum, March/April 2018, pp. 27-33
(a review of the current status and need for additional efforts to promote carbon sequestration from power plants)

Climate Change and the Financial Sector: A Time of Risk and Opportunity, Alan Miller & Stacy Swann (April 2017). Georgetown Environmental Law Review, Vol 29, pp. 69-112  View PDF

Insurance Options for Addressing Climate Change, Alan Miller & Stacy Swann (Sept. 2016); EMCompass Note 13, Int’l Fin. Corp., (One of a series of 6 short papers available online.)
View PDF

Granoff, I., Hogarth, J. & Miller, A. Nested barriers to low-carbon infrastructure investment. Nature Clim Change 6, 1065–1071 (2016).
Nested barriers to low-carbon infrastructure investment

The International Implications of EPA’s Proposed Regulations to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Existing Power Plants, ABA Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Ecosystems Committee Newsletter Vol. 17, No. 2, pp. 3-5

Engaging the Private Sector in Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries: Importance, Status, and Challenges, Climate and Development, vol 5, pp. 242-252; With B. Biagini; Download Report | View Article (opens a new tab)

American Bar Association, The Year in Review 2013, contributing author, also 2012 (May 2013), 2010 (01-Apr-2011) and 2009 (01-April-2010)

Resolving Conflicts Between Green Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Law, Alan S. Miller & R. Percival; ABA Newsletter on Climate Change and Sustainable Development (2011)

Opinion: an Energy Policy Approach to Climate Change, with Morgan Bazilian, Hugh Outhred, and Melinda Kimble; in Energy for Sustainable Development (2010)

With R. Connell and V. Stenek, Evaluating the Private Sector Perspective on the Financial Risks of Climate Change, West Northwest J of Envt'al Law & Policy, Vol 15, n. 1 (2009)

Financing the Integration of Climate Change Mitigation into Development, Climate Policy, Vol 8, n.2 (2008)

The Global Environment Facility Program to Commercialize New Energy Technologies, in Energy for Sustainable Development, Vol XI, No. 1 (2007)

Bad Fiction, Worse Science, a Review of State of Fear by Michael Crichton,
 Issues in Science and Technology, Vol. XXII, No. 2 (2006)00)

The GEF and the Search for Financial Strategies to Foster Sustainable Development, Vermont Law Review, Vol 24, pp. 1224-44 (2000)

“Ozone Layer: the Road Not Taken,” co-authored with Stephen Andersen; published in journal Nature, 1997. View copy in PDF

The Military’s Role in Protection of the Ozone Layer,” Environmental Science and Technology, Vol 28, pp. 586-89 (1994); co-authored with Stephen O. Andersen and E. Thomas Morehouse

The Development of Substitutes for Chlorofluorocarbons: Public-Private Cooperation and Environmental Policy,” Ambio, Vol. XIX, pp. 338-40 (Oct 1990)

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