Florida: The new face of climate denialism

“Anti-woke” legislation increases the risks of climate disaster

The Prince Has Lost His Crown

Concerns Grow About the Risks of Natural Gas

Hope For the Best, Prepare for the West

Reflections by a long-time climate activist

Responding to the health risks of climate change

What needs to happen now!

Health Impacts of Climate Change: Enormous and Growing

The Health Community Is Beginning to Raise Alarm Bells

Methane Madness

Reducing methane emissions from natural gas, cow gas, and landfill gas offers the best chance of slowing the warming of the planet

Good COP, Bad COP

Reflections on the outcomes of COP28, the annual climate negotiations

Sustainable Cooling Is Essential to Saving the Planet

Sustainable cooling solutions are available — but require much greater investment

Climate Change Choices: Difficult, Easy, or Erroneous?

Having waited too long to address reduce greenhouse gas emissions, climate change is now forcing some difficult choices.

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