Prospects for Action at the Glasgow Climate Meetings

Lessons From the World’s Most Successful Climate Change Agreement

Climate Change Insights from Hurricane Ida

What has the world learned from recent extreme weather events that can limit damage and human suffering?

Can John Kerry Bring About the Global Cooperation Necessary to Save the Planet?

Saving the planet from climate change is increasingly dependent on cooperation among countries with contentious relations

What the Olympics Tell Us About Limits to Climate Adaptation

If some of the fittest humans on earth can’t handle the heat, what does that mean for the rest of us?

Why the new IPCC report is also a ‘code red’ for finance

By Stacy Swann, Alan Miller, and Darius Nassiry | Earlier this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its report “Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis.”

Witnessing Climate Change Up Close

A visit to Alaska triggers different perspectives on a subject I’ve researched for decades

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Alan S. Miller
Alan S. Miller has worked to protect the ozone layer and address climate change for over 40 years and has taught at 9 universities in four disciplines.

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