Book Interviews

Superpollutants & COP26: A Discussion of the New Sectoral Approach and Recent Progress
Climate Finance Advisors Webinar. Andrew Eil, Moderator. Panelists: Alan Miller, Durwood Zaelke, Stephen O. Andersen. December 6, 2021
Visit Climate Finance Advisors website to listen to the webinar
CFA webinar Dec 06 2021
Reality Check by Wurd Radio
Alan joined Charles from Wurd Radio to discuss the book and the importance of cutting down super climate pollutants.
Is there still time to avoid climate disaster?
Can A Playa Play? Podcast hosted by Lamont Kdiddy Patterson
Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now! book cover

Alan's most recent work is a book with Durwood Zaelke and Stephen O. Andersen, Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now!, published by Changemakers Books. Buy on Amazon

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