A Brighter Shade of Green — Part 1

Those of us who grew up with Kermit the Frog and his song are likely to think of “being green” as a binary state — either you are or you aren’t.

Finding Hope in Avoiding the Worst: Climate Philosophy?

One in an ongoing series of blogs about responding to the challenges of climate change.

The Secret Sauce that Saved the Ozone Layer — Part 2

Part 2: Adapting the Recipe for Climate Change

The Secret Sauce that Saved the Ozone Layer — Part 1

Part 1: Learning the Recipe

The Climate Marathon Has Begun, Now Time for the Sprint

Based on the forthcoming book, Cut Super Climate Pollutants, Now!, by Alan Miller, Durwood Zaelke, and Stephen O. Andersen

The Case for a Climate Change Operation Warp Speed

Much can be debated about how countries responded to the pandemic catastrophe…

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Alan S. Miller
Alan S. Miller has worked to protect the ozone layer and address climate change for over 40 years and has taught at 9 universities in four disciplines.

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